Fundraising Card 5 Key Tag

card 5 key tag

Organizations and Non Profits throughout the USA are taking advantage of increased sales and profits that come from fundraising cards. Let the be your source to come to for your plastic fundraising cards. With a coupon for 1 FREE hour of artwork included with every card order, cutting edge technology, and low prices, you can’t go wrong with placing your order with us.

We make it easy for you to order with us either by ordering online any time or by giving us a call at 1.800.764.7600 so our customer service representatives can assist you.

Need some ideas on how you want your card to look? Check out our gallery of plastic fundraising cards that we have printed for other customers and then get started!

We print and manufacture complete custom designs for schools or any non-profit’s fundraising campaign. Our cards have lots of color and feature sharp images of the team sports or organization logos to whom the funds will benefit. There are all kinds of discounts and offers that can be attached to these cards and contributors are happy to purchase these cards knowing that the funds will go to a good cause. Whether you are a coach looking for a way to fund the team sports program, a parent or a teacher looking for a way to get funding for that special project, our plastic fundraising cards are the same top quality we sell to all of our business clients.

See how a brand new high quality plastic fundraising card design can boost your fundraising dollars. More money coming into your organization means you can meet your goals sooner and with less effort. These plastic cards combined with a discount and marketing plan can make your organization meet its fundraising goals quickly. Just contact one of our customer support professionals about getting your fundraising campaign underway with high quality plastic fundraising cards from


Purchase your fundraising cards at a LOW factory price.

We manufacture all our products at our factory here in the USA. The right equipment coupled with a stream lined high-tech manufacturing process insures that you receive the best quality product at a LOW factory price. Since we manufacture all our products we have full control of the production process which also enables us to offer you services that others, frankly are not able to offer.

FREE Shipping on our products. 

Simply put, we want to be your full service online printing company. In order to do so, we must offer MORE!

FULL design service for our products.

We can create the perfect card for you. Simply tell us what you would like to see or have and we will make it happen. And QUICK.. Our goal is to make it right the first time and every time.

Fast production time.

If you need to fulfill an order FAST the Factory has a solution for you.


  • Standard – our standard production time is 3-5 business days.
  • Fast – our fast service is 3 business days.
  • Faster – our faster service is 1 business day.
  • Fastest – our fastest service is SAME day (in by 10am out by 5pm).


Customer Testimonials:

I want you to know that every school has been ecstatic with their product. Lake Washington was floored. Their booster club couldn’t believe how sharp the colors were. They have never seen anything like it. Bothell has never had anything like that before either. The coach just stared at the key tag and couldn’t stop talking about it. They raised close to $15K with the card – in 3 hours. Yes. 3 hours, $15K!

White River and Mount Vernon hammered the sale. They both made close to $10K each. Redmond and Inglemoor will each top $12K. I wish you could have seen what they were selling before. They each had the same logo/artwork on their card for 10+ years running.
Your product is not just a plastic card. It has tremendous meaning to my customers. They raise thousands of dollars with their cards. These coaches are able to develop top notch programs that develop young men. Without that money it wouldn’t be possible.
Eric Bigham –
Fundraising Expert