Welcome to the Fundraising Card Factory


We specialize in printing plastic fundraising cards for schools, churches and non profits. All of our products are designed and displayed here on our website and are for the sole purpose of helping organizations raise more funds.

We started printing these products in 2005 and have continued to print plastic fundraising cards for over a decade and have helped thousands of organizations. Our factory is located in the southeast USA. We have  all the tools necessary to create the perfect fundraising card for your organization.

In 2012 our factory had a complete change over from digital printing only to both digital and offset  printing. We invested millions of dollars and now can offer to our customers a complete printing package. We now prints well over 3,000,000 plastic cards per month.

We offer design services that can help you create a plastic fundraising card that will certainly draw attention to your organization and thus help you raise the money you need. The durable fundraising cards that we manufacture will last for years. We manufacture our cards with the same material and process as a typical credit card. This is a more expensive process than most other card manufactures use, but the result is a card that is second to none.

If your are interested in our fundraising products contact us will will be happy to help you!

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